Complete Automotive Security Systems

The automotive market has a large and diverse range of locking requirements. Tarnwest works with leading manufacturers to produce locking systems and supply industrial hardware used on a wide range of products.


  • Door Hardware
  • Draught excluders
  • Window seals
  • Internal pull handles
  • Security locks

At Tarnwest, we design, manufacture and supply locks for various applications in the automotive sector, sourcing products globally and stocking them on the shelf in the UK. Innovation remains at the forefront of our work to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Bus manufacturers
  • Coach builders
  • Armoured vehicle manufacturers
  • SUV off road Vehicles


Rubber Profile & Gasketing

Door & Luggage Compartment Latches

Industrial Grab handles & Hinges

Spring bolt

Chrome locking handle

Push button handle

Door retainer

Rubber door retainer

Industry case study


Tarnwest partnered with an international manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles to design and support its requirements for suitable locking and clamping solutions, together with sourcing suitable rubber gasketing to ensure total security and sealing of the vehicle.

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