Amusement & Gaming Security Solutions

Security is a must in the amusement sector, with operators needing safety options that cover a whole spectrum of devices. Tarnwest provides mechanical and electronic locking systems with functionality and key management in mind.


  • Machine Security
  • Key Control
  • Lock and Key Management Service
  • Protection of Income

At Tarnwest, we provide optimum security locking solutions at a competitive price. Our in-store stock means we can deliver a wide range of solutions with same-day-dispatch.


  • Casinos
  • Bingo Halls
  • Bookmakers
  • Amusement arcades


Radial Pin Switchlock

Radial Pin Pushlock

High Security Camlock

Antipick Lock

Flat key camlock

Codematic Change Lock

DD10 Disc Detainer Lock

Radial Pin Camlock

High security padlocks

High security(KA /KD)

Flat key camlock (all sizes)

Bright chrome lock with spiked washer

Industry case study

Amusement & Gaming

The project involved a leading company in the gaming industry needing a locking solution for optimum security, whilst maintaining ease of collections and lock and key management.

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